What Is Herpes

Herpes – A Transmittable Skin Disease

Herpes is a type of disease that is caused by a family or a group of virus. Today almost 70-80% people of the world population are affected with this virus. This epidemic is likely to rise in upcoming decades and at an alarming rate. People who are affected with the virus can transmit this disease to person to person because this virus is contagious. Once these virus entered in your body then it may remain in your body throughout your life and it will keep recurring symptoms. It is a chronic disease, therefore these virus can bother you throughout your life and it will keep recurring till your last breath. Now lets discuss about two types of herpes virus. Type one virus is called Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and also abbreviated as HSV-1. Herpes Simplex Virus 1 virus is a member of herpes family that mainly attacks on your mouth and it is known to do so but that doesn’t mean that it can’t affect your another body part like genitals or any of your body part. Symptoms of herpes virus are not being seen generally at its early stage but once these symptoms have arisen in you then these symptoms may keep coming on you every now and then.is-it-really-possiblle-to-get-rid-of-herpes

Symptoms Of Herpes

Symptoms of this virus may include cold sores, painful blisters, blebs, lesions, redness on the skin, feeling of itch. These symptoms can put you in depression and it often put you in deep inferiority complex. If you are socially active person then it may affect you more than anyone else because this infection causes lesions and pimples that are very dirty to see and you don’t want anyone to see your face. Therefore you often refrain yourself in a room and isolate yourself from the world. Let’s discuss about how this virus spread itself. Outbreak of this virus happens when you share same utensils, kissing each other, sharing infected objects like lipstick, lip balm, towel and any stuff that is contaminated. Type two virus is also called as Herpes Simplex Virus 2 and usually abbreviated as HSV-2 is a second virus that comes from herpes family.symptoms of herpes This virus is known to attack on your genitals or reproductive part and often causes pimples, redness on skin, painful blisters and pustules, temperature and painful lesions. These symptoms can also affect your psychological state of mind and put you in depression as well as in deep inferiority complex. It may also abet you to take bold step like killing yourself or suicide. some people who are affected with this virus think that if once they have infected with this virus then the symptoms of this virus may bother them for whole life but that’s not true. Outbreak of this virus happens when you will have unprotected sex, being feminine may also be the reason to get this virus, having multiple sex partner and sharing contaminated stuff. Although there is no cure for herpes avilable but there are some medications available in the market that will help to soothe you and will help you to overcome your virus partially. Symptoms of this virus may keep recurring on you but your lesions and blisters are treatable. To treat this disease there are so many medications available in the market that claims to treat this virus but only some of them works effectively. So these virus are not life threading but it can last forever in your body with or without symptoms.

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