Privacy Policy

A privacy policy of any company or websites is a legal statement or a legal document that declares how they are going to gather customer’s data, how these data are going to be used, whether they will disclose these data to some third-party or not. Basically it is a legal requirement of a website or company that protects customer’s interest and data. Today internet is a whole world in itself that is full of good and bad and you also might have feared of providing your information to any website but you have to provide your information in compulsion because if you don’t provide your information they will restrict you from getting their services. This privacy policy relates to and we are committed to preserving your right to privacy as you privacy is our utmost priority. Here at we don’t store any of your personal information such as your name, address, emails id, mobile number without your consent or until you don’t want to provide these information voluntary. We want to also apprise that do not provide any of your confidential information such as your debit/credit card information, net banking information, your health history or any information that you think should not be necessary here. It is also to inform that we use cookies that mean your browsing habits, which browser or operating system you are using etc. in order to help you next time visit to our website and to improve our website and show you relevant information. We want to assure you that even your single information or data is not going to be shared to any third-party and we are committed to preserving your data at all cost We want to inform you that reserves the right to disclose any of your information if it is required by law or we think such disclosure is necessary in some kind of emergency situation or if it is required in order to comply with the law or respond to any emergency or law situation.