Lavender Oil for Herpes – Is It The Real Cure for Herpes ?

It is very sad that despite of so many medicines still there is no cure for herpes.  But now you don’t have to worry because I have a great option to cure this kind of disease’s symptoms. Yes, symptoms because till date there is no cure for herpes. But by taking some precautions and some preventative remedies you can stop its outbreaks. I know that people who are suffering from herpes, used to applying certain types of medicines or creams. But I want to ask something- have you used any essential oil to cure this kind of problem? Did you use lavender oil for herpes cure? This is the best oil with so many beneficial qualities. What are those qualities let’s have a look.

Lavender Oil and its Uses

If you are new to use essential oils, this oil is the perfect step to start using these oils. Lavender oil is a very helpful oil in not only treating herpes but also in various types of diseases. Lavender oil has a scent that’s a wonderful blend of fresh, floral, clean and calm. It has very dynamic aroma and that’s why there are so many beauty and other products which contain this oil. Some of them are perfumes, soaps, room fresheners and many more. According to studies this is the most popular oil among all. Lavender oil is not only popular of its classic scent in fact it is very important because of its versatility. Like other oils lavender oil for herpes is the best and very effective way to treat this infection. It has very nice fragrance and it can give you relief whether it is genital or oral herpes.

To use this you just need to dip a cotton ball into lavender oil. Then directly apply on your affected area of the skin. Just remember one thing- do not dip used cotton in the same bottle again. Every time you apply use fresh cotton ball.  So this is the way by which you can use lavender oil for herpes. This is very safe and easiest way to cure this disease’s symptoms. Now the question is how you can judge anyone that he/she is suffering from herpes or not? I mean there are many people who are suffering from this condition but, they are totally unknown that they have herpes. Do you know the reason? The reason is the symptoms. Yes, according to studies, in some cases people don’t have any symptoms or have very mild symptoms that can easily go unrecognized or mistakenly recognize for another condition. That’s why you should gain some knowledge about herpes and its symptoms.

lavender oil herpes


This is a very common condition we all know that but still there are so many people who unaware about this condition. Herpes simplex is a virus which causes oral and genital herpes, herpes gladiatorum, eye herpes (ocular and keratitis). Do you know that apart from human it is can also affect the animals? Yes, it causes feline herpes (in cats). We all know what oral herpes and genital herpes are but the shocking part is in United States one in five adults suffering from genital herpes. This is only because of unawareness of this condition. Herpes virus gets enter into your body through small cut or mucus membrane. After the first infection this virus stays inert but they can reactivate at any time. Usually the first outbreak causes pain and to control that pain you can use lavender oil for herpes.

See as I said I have mentioned astonishing oil- lavender oil for herpes. This is the best and the perfect way to cure this condition at home. yeah I know that there are many other ways to control this condition but what lavender oil for herpes can do to cure what others can’s do. So, try to use natural remedies for herpes cure. Natural things you can buy from any super market nearby your home.  It is affordable and full of benefits. Lavender oil for herpes cure is the best way to reduce the severity and the spread of this virus to others.

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