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Herpes is not a life threatening disease, but it indeed is becoming a major problem with rising number of patients of herpes every day. With the disease spreading at such an alarming rate, we still have no answer to herpes in allopathy. But, thankfully, herbs for herpes are gradually coming to the rescue of herpes patients. We have not one or two, but 10 powerful herbs that work in herpes and are also backed by scientific evidences. Yes, after doing an exhaustive research in allopathy, even scientists were more interested in natural products. Various attempts to find herbs that work in herpes have lead us to the following 10 herbs for herpes. Have a look at the herbs for herpes that are proven by researchers for their effectiveness and once you are done with these, we will tell you how to magically combine all of them and live a herpes free life.

Tulsi or holy basil

Also known as “mother medicine of nature” and “ The incomparable one”, tulsi is well known for its medicinal properties. This is the first of all the herbs for herpes. Of all the herbs used within Ayurveda, tulsi (Ocimum sanctum Linn) is preeminent, and scientific research has also confirmed its beneficial effects. Several Indian scientists and researchers have studied the medicinal effects of various parts of the tulsi plant. On summarizing the research, it can be concluded that different parts of this plant have direct impact on the immune system, reproductive system, central nervous system, cardiovascular system, gastric system, urinary system and blood biochemistry. From these we can easily extract the medicinal actions that can be used against herpes. For instance, stress is the topmost trigger in herpes and those who are under constant pressure are at high risk of getting herpes outbreaks. Just like we cannot separate side effects from allopathic medicines, it is also impossible to keep the mind of a herpes sufferer in peace. The only way out is to use tulsi in herpes treatment. Research also shows that people who regularly consume tulsi are less likely to be immune-compromised and less susceptible to developing cancer cells. From here, we can extract a clear indication that tulsi raises immunity with which, living a life free of herpes outbreaks is really possible.

Giloy or tinospora cordifolia

Giloy is a very common herb, and the most powerful of all the herbs that work in herpes. Giloy recently was in news because of its surprising abilities to cure high fever. It is normally used as a common ingredient in various Falk, Ayurvedic, Unani and Siddha system of medicines. In ayurvedic system of medicine, giloy has been cited as an herb which is magically beneficial for reproductive system, blood and fat. As far as recent research is concerned, a study conducted by Siddalingappa C M and his fellow researchers saw that giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) showed significant increase in the reaction time (pain threshold) and it was because of the anti inflammatory agents present in the herb. These anti inflammatory properties can also be utilized against the pain and inflammation caused by the cold sores. For cold sores treatment as well, we have sufficient research evidences claiming the effectiveness of giloy. Umesh Jain and some other researchers in a detailed study observed that the methanolic extract of giloy possessed significant wound healing promoting activity of Tinospora cordifolia. The same study also suggested that the methanolic extract of Tinospora cordifolia possesses better wound healing potency, which was evident by the increased rate of wound contraction. To summarize, we can say that giloy is one of the herbs for herpes that can prove to be a holistic cure.


Various studies indicate positive outcomes on using neem and its products like neem oil in herpes. Neem is a tree of high medicinal values and its uses in different diseases are well established. But, neem being effective in rampant herpes is a hope to millions of herpes patients. There were many speculations, but now it seems of to be a proven fact that neem is one of the herbs that work in herpes cure.


These days research has shown that goldenseal is being used as a dietary supplement to improve immunity and strength, and it also is used as an herbal cure for infections like cold and other respiratory tract infections, allergic rhinitis, normal fever and hay fever and ulcers. Some even use this magnificent natural product to address their stomach and digestion related problems. But, recent researches have indicated tremendous benefits of goldenseal in herpes. Goldenseal works great in both types of herpes- oral herpes as well as genital herpes. You can use it in difficult situations when the sores are inside your mouth.

Here you cannot apply any ointment and hence you have one more benefit of using goldenseal for herpes. Depending on the availability, you can either use one form of the herb, or combine the oral and topical application to make sure the herpes virus finds no way to affect you. Applying the powder of goldenseal on cold sores help in disappearing faster and your skin will look like normal soon. Taking it orally enhances the immunity and saves you from frequent herpes outbreaks.

Khair Or Acaeia Catechu

Even scientists are now agreeing on the effectiveness of the herb in the infectious disease. Several human studies have assessed the anti‐inflammatory effects of a combination of A. catechu extract of heartwood, roots, or bark in combination with a few other herbs. Not only for herpes, but khair has been examined for various other diseases also. And all of them have indicated that khair surely is one of the herbs for herpes.

Mahamanjisthadi qwath

Why settle with just one herb when you can gain benefits from a combination of herbs for herpes. Mahamanjisthadi kwath is the perfect blend of herbs that work in herpes, the medicinal properties of which are governed by an herb called manjistha. Also commonly known as Manjeeth and many other names manjishtha was once known as an efficient blood purifier and hence was extensively used against blood, skin and urinary diseases. Today, it is famous as a combination of herbs for herpes and cold sores.

Hypericum mysorense

Many studies in the past decade have tried to understand the medicinal properties, safety and the healing nature of hypericum mysorense in the last decade. Compounds isolated from this genus have shown antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and anticancer properties. This is one of the herbs that work in herpes because of the antiviral properties it possess.


Echinacea contain chemical compounds that have anti bacterial, anti parasitic and anti viral properties. Herpes is also caused by a virus called herpes simplex virus and hence we can say that herpes and Echinacea are enemies because of the anti viral properties present in the herb. These antiviral properties inhibit glycol- proteins in the virus and impede the ability of viruses to invade cells in the body and replicate. By controlling this replication, we can control the herpes outbreaks as the outbreaks result only due to the rapid replication of herpes virus. Echinacea also has compounds which unlike all the antiviral medicines impacts the immune system in a positive manner. You can strengthen your immune system with this magnificent herb and hence will suffer from herpes outbreaks less frequently.

Ficus religiosa or peepal

In some research findings, the Aqueous and ethanolic extracts of peepal or F. religiosa leaves showed antibacterial effect against some strands of bacteria. In another study, chloroform extract of fruits showed antimicrobial effect against a class of microbes and the ethanolic extract of leaves has been proven to carry antifungal effect against Candida albican. All this creates a hope in the hearts of herpes patients. Considering a rich history of medicinal use, peepal surely belongs to the category of herbs that work for herpes.

Licorice root

Licorice root is a store house of a number of medicinal properties and it has all the ability to fight with herpes simplex virus. “The antiviral and antimicrobial activities of licorice, a widely-used Chinese herb” published in a leading health and medicinal journal Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica talks in detail about the strong action of licorice root against particular strands of viruses. There are several other such studies and all of them tell us to use licorice root for herpes.

You can either take one or two herbs for herpes treatment, or can simply go on with herpoveda. Herpoveda is a new yet ancient way of dealing with herpes as it is afusion of herbs recommended by ayurveda. Most of the herbs listed in the herbs for herpes are present in herpoveda as well.  In case you want a mild and gradual cure for herpes, you can choose a few of the herbs for herpes listed above. But, if you want a targeted action and fast recovery, herpoveda is what your body immediately needs. The choice is yours as body is yours.

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